The Song of Sway Lake



"Writer/director Ari Gold’s engaging new film “The Song Of Sway Lake” focuses on a young man (played by Rory Culkin) coming to terms with his father’s suicide. In the course of trying to find a rare, valuable record album his father kept at their old lake house, the young man encounters varying depths of nostalgia, family dysfunctions, romance, and embraces the power of letting go."

“Tony Award nominated actress Mary Beth Peil... will break your heart. Her antagonistic relationship with Culkin’s character brings out the best performance I’ve seen from the actor… The reveal of the titular track is amazing and Ari Gold’s twin brother, Ethan, deserves praise for his musical contributions... Strong performances, music, and aesthetics all bring to life a wonderful film you won’t want to miss."


“A stunning film… Will appeal to fans of quiet, breathtaking dramas.”
- Independent Magazine

“Robert Sheehan steals the show as a carefree Russian who eventually falls for Charlie... Viewers are in for a real treat. Ari Gold’s direction is a thing of absolute beauty... Singer-songwriter John Grant provides some awesomely authentic vocals, transporting the audience to the 1930s.”
- Unger the Radar

"The Song of Sway Lake is the nostalgic lakeside romance you always wanted."
- Inqua Magazine


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"There is much here of the nostalgia for a vanished age captured in Woody Allen's Midnight In Paris… the darker side of the Jazz Age, a landscape of prejudice and loneliness behind all that dazzling privilege. Mary Beth Peil… dominates the film as Charlie [Sway], bringing dignity, humanity and sheer force of personality.”

- Eye For Film (UK)


“Absolutely beautiful.”

- Talk Nerdy With US


“Dreams and reality, desire and melancholy are all intertwined in a wonderfully impressionistic piece of film making.”

- Cultured Vultures


“The Song of Sway Lake is truly work of art... a must-see.”

- Fiction’s Mistress


“Outstanding performances, soundtrack, and cinematography... Excellent all-around.”

- FilmFed

"The stand out film.”

- L.A. Lifestyle (LA Film Festival)


"A striking picture of romantic drama inspired by jazz-aged New York aristocracy."

- Vancouver Culture


“An artistic triumph. This film is a study of the classic American Ideal… Rory [Culkin] delivers his own tortured performance of a young man totally burdened by his family’s past. On the other hand you have the flamboyantly brilliant performance of Robert Sheehan as Nikolai. How beautiful the movie looked, the flawless acting, and the gorgeous music (written by… genius Ethan Gold). The Song of Sway Lake is a film about facing today, and tomorrow, with integrity and honesty.”

- TG Geeks